What is POP?

POP, for its acronym “Point of Purchase” (POP).

Then a point of purchase software is one with which you conduct transactions and payment information from customers in the buying / selling goods, products and services. These data can be obtained using different devices. In our case it will be through a computer, but can also be made through cash registers, barcode scanners, PIN pads and card readers.


DVD player + 4.3" TFT LCD + Touch Screen + Bluetooth + RDS + TV

What are the components of a POP?


Point of Purchase Software

This is the system responsible for conducting all sales process from capture of products in its database, the information read by external devices, issue purchase vouchers, issuing monthly reports among many other functions.



This is the device that interprets the information encoded in a bar code and transforms it into information the computer can process.


Receipt Printer

It is one of the essential components for a point of sale, is in charge of issuing sales receipts, voucher and reports as are court case and more.


Touch -Screen Monitor

It is a device that allows the user to visually interact with the computer and software in real time, following processes to complete a sale or enter information into the system. The Touch Screen Monitors facilitate the use of a point of sale to replace the traditional mouse or “Mouse” of direct -sensitive computer screen. If you need a Touch screen Monitor choose between different brands that offer leading manufacturer Elo, 3M and Gvision.


Magnetic Stripe Readers

Magnetic stripe cards are used today by banks, department stores, clubs and more. This kit is used to convert the information encoded in the magnetic stripe and so transform it into useful information for the system and affect a common database to deduct the purchase amount in a supermarket, add funds to cards, among other applications more.


CPU Cabinet

Is one of the core parts because this is integrated in the operating system and the POS system used in sales? It is composed of the motherboard, hard drive, memory, CD drive, optionally some other accessories such as network cards, etc.


Point of Sale System Figures Assembled

Are those in which the client preferred weapon to full features of the same? You can use a regular computer to do the function of adding further point of sale, cash drawer, scanner, magnetic card reader and some cases according to customer needs Touch Screen monitor. Represents a customer advantage acquiring these types of point of sale as the cost is lower but its major drawback is the large space it occupies.