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How on this portal already treated many cases, the man’s sperm count has dropped over the past 80 years worldwide by over 50%. This is true of East and West and the rest of the directions. So if you’re looking for health technology to solve this problem, it has arrived in two fold. In fact these kind of problems have arisen to many people utilizing a newer technology that facilitate and enables egg donors.

In the 40s the average healthy young man has produced over 100 million sperm per milliliter of semen – well above the 40 million sperm cells, which are generally considered a measure of the “predicate fruitful”. The studies of the recent past indicate a worrying trend: More and more men fall below this level .

To all the responsible medical factors to solve, it would take multiple medications. There are also natural ways to the sperm quality improve. There are nutrients that make substantial contributions to this end. Below are some highly effective examples.

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No more subterfuge

*Carnitine. sperms are the major long-distance travelers among the human cells. This requires energy. Therefore, carnitine as a vital nutrient for men with poor sperm quality. Carnitine is a transporter molecule, the high-energy fats into the mitochondria contributes, where they are burned to rekindle their energy. This gives the sperm those “boost” they need to penetrate the egg. The human body takes carnitine mainly on (red) meat, especially lamb.

*Antioxidants Because sperm consume so much energy that they generate oxidation – which can damage cell membranes and THEN molecules. That means they need antioxidants – best a cocktail of vitamins and micronutrients.

* Lycopene is a carotenoid vegetable, that the tomato, watermelon and other fruits get their color. It has excellent antioxidant qualities, the effect is extraordinary.

* Omega-3 fatty acids. Apart from their trip drive also need sperm membrane-specific characteristics in order to merge with the egg can. Qualities which bring excellent especially omega-3 fatty acids. Where to find them? For example, in Walnut.

* Vitamin D . Lack of this (sun) vitamin affects the sperm quality fatal consequences.

These are just some of the things you can do to affect your sperm for the positive. We’re lucky to live in a time when the technology for health affords us the opportunity to know what the cause of our problems are, and some potential solutions to them as well.

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Social Freezing. Career or children? Yes!

Career or children? This question arises every person in the course of life, in a man traditionally less (although recently more frequently, see trend towards single father ), women generally more often, even if without urgency of today’s report. In the era of the promotional hungry ego individualism, on the barometer stands on career advantage, supported by a generation, says Dr Richard Shapiro,” which has never given a thought to marriage or having children.” Due to recent technological advances there may be a solution though.

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A possibility of children is not completely excluded from him, but if so maybe later. In fact, much later. According to the Mirror quoted survey of women found that the “ideal” age for 43.4 years. Which is of course far from ideal.

The problems of this are manifold. The highest fertility of the female egg is at the age of 25 at the zenith and then gradually drops off. The biological clock has its expiry date, and also sometimes come premature menopause. Social factors play with, children are considered career breakers, relationships go into fractures, the single life dominated, many women say that they have to have the “right” man for the purpose of family planning.

What is Social Freezing?

A technological solution has arisen, the question of “career or kids” decreases more in the recent years due to this newest trend: Social Freezing. It refers to the rapid freezing of one’s eggs, done when the woman is in the prime of fertility. After hormone stimulation, in which the body is made ​​to produce as many eggs as possible, these are then removed and stored in nitrogen at minus 196 degrees. (the technical term: cryopreservation).

Thus, the eggs are ready and available when the time is right; when they then take the partner’s sperm to fertilize the egg cells in test tubes.

The health is as risky as it sounds, multiple pregnancy is feasible, ethical and legal questions have been raised (eg: How long can eggs be lifted?). Moreover, it can be a little more than some are willing to spend as egg freezing costs are not like going to Walmart to buy some milk. The storage of the eggs also costs money per year as well, then the artificial insemination when you’re ready is an additional cost.

Yet surprisingly, many women are interested in this method. According to the survey of the Leeds Centre for Reproductive Medicine interviewed just 200 students, and 86% of young women said that they wanted to wait to be pregnant later in life, for four out of five of those surveyed said social freezing was an acceptable way.

For the financial cost one way seems to offer. According to Dr. Shapiro, above it is the parents of the late pregnancy willing to offer financial support because they do not want to be deprived of the enjoyment of grandparenthood.

Social Freezing so – not cheap, not without risk … and for women in fashion. What remains, therefore, a junior man willing to do other than the best of a delayed match and to ensure , in the case of the case fertile to be?

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