Fireproofing Your Home

Since the heat and fire are essential in everyday life to heat the house, cooking, and entertaining, special attention should be given daily to the risks involved in the use of fire. Among the most dangerous and important elements to be taken into account include: equipment and defective electrical wiring, smoking habits and the misuse of the matches, the operation of the heating equipment, proper maintenance of the stoves oil, the spontaneous ignition of garbage, the inappropriate use of flammable liquids, hot ash and putting fuel in places close to the heaters. We saw first hand the danger of hot ash and heaters when looking for fire extinguisher products Las Vegas, we were shown how dangerous it can be. We were also taught how the extinguisher and home improvement technology has grown immensely allowing for a dramatic decrease in the amount of fire deaths per year.

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The fires in electrical installations may be the result of an overloaded circuits, faulty wiring, poorly insulated material, defective switches and the misuse of electrical appliances. Besides causing burns and start fires, electricity is not managed properly can cause concussions and even death as a result of strong discharges of electrical installation. In older homes the installation should be checked as the modern electrical demand greater current load. Overloading a circuit can cause it to overheat, which is often the result of using it for too many lamps, motors or other items. The heat that is produced by this overload may cause a fire. Even when the current is not excessive, there may be dangerous heat that may cause a spark, or sometimes because the electrical connections are loose or poorly made. The fuse is considered safer the circuit breaker. Use a coin instead of a fuse or fuses is a common and very dangerous habit.


To dramatize the danger that can represent a careless attitude towards electricity at home, here’s an example: A three year old girl was left alone for a few minutes at the dinner table and introduced a fork in the toaster to remove a slice; she placed  her other hand on the counter – which was wet on the outside of the toaster (metal and thus excellent electrical conductor), shortly after they found the small girl completely unconscious because of burns and electric shock and, despite having been attended to immediately, her life could not save saved. Such misfortunes can be avoided if parents take into account better safety measures for their children and homes.

Photo Credit: The Well Tempered Theodore