The Exposure Triangle – Learn More About It

If you are interested to learn more about exposure or if you are keen to know about the right way of experimenting with your digital camera’s manual settings or how to use its Auto Mode, then you should learn about the main three elements to consider, which are collectively called the exposure triangle. Every one of these elements relates to light and the way it penetrates and interacts with your camera. These elements are; ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed. Many of these elements can even enable you to take bird photography with smart phone, sometimes it takes additional tools but knowing the this triangle will help you accomplish it.

ISO is defined as the digital camera sensor’s measure of its sensitivity to light. The Aperture is the size of the lens opening when a shot is taken. Lastly, the camera’s shutter speed is the measurement of the time the shutter is open.

The image’s exposure is effectively worked at these elements’ intersection. Therefore, it is important to understand that any change in any one of these three elements will surely have an effect on the other elements. It simply means that you should never isolate a single element; rather you should always put all three into consideration, at all times.

Three Symbols for Understanding the Exposure Triangle of Digital Photography

A lot of people define the connection between these three elements with the use of symbols or metaphors for better understanding. Here are three metaphors:

The Window

To understand this symbol, you should try to imagine your digital camera as a window with its Shutter opening and closing.

The Aperture is the windows size. A bigger size is going to allow more light making the room perfectly brighter.

The amount of time that your window’s shutters are open is the Shutter Speed. The longer amount of time they are left open, the more light is going to enter.

Think of yourself inside the room and you have sunglasses on. Let’s say your eyes are desensitized, this could mean low ISO. To increase the amount of light penetrating the room, what you need to do is to increase the amount of time that the shutters are open; meaning the shutter speed should be decreased. You can also open the window more, which is similar to increasing the aperture, or you can also simply take your sunglasses off, equivalent to making higher ISO.


This is the second metaphor, wherein you can imagine the exposure of your digital camera as if you are getting tanned by the sun. You can think of your skin type as ISO rating.

Shutter speed can be deemed as the length of time that you are spending out in the open. The more time you are exposed in the sun, the more chances that you will get a tan; don’t just spend too much time if you don’t want to be over-exposed.

The sunscreen that you are applying to your skin is the Aperture. The main purpose of a sunscreen is to block out the sun at various levels depending on the lotion’s strength. If you use a high strength suntan lotion, then you lessen the amount of sunlight penetrating through your skin. This is ideal for people with sensitive skin.  Using a lower strength sunscreen lotion can be compared to slowing down of the shutter speed and/or decreasing the ISO.

Garden Hose

This third metaphor illustrates the aperture as the hose’s width, the shutter speed is the length of the time that the hose is left on, and the ISO is the water pressure as it goes through the hose.

Understand them All Together

It may take some practice to master the art of exposure. But if you are decided to know that you can be a highly experienced photographer in no time at all. All it takes is a little vigilance, some amount of perseverance and a whole lot of experimenting and tweaking on your camera’s settings.

The best thing about a digital camera is that it can be the perfect trial tool for learning more about exposure. It is safe to take as many shots as you want for free. It also can be used for shooting in Auto and manual mode.

Photo Credit: Sadie Hernandez

What is POP?

POP, for its acronym “Point of Purchase” (POP).

Then a point of purchase software is one with which you conduct transactions and payment information from customers in the buying / selling goods, products and services. These data can be obtained using different devices. In our case it will be through a computer, but can also be made through cash registers, barcode scanners, PIN pads and card readers.


DVD player + 4.3" TFT LCD + Touch Screen + Bluetooth + RDS + TV

What are the components of a POP?


Point of Purchase Software

This is the system responsible for conducting all sales process from capture of products in its database, the information read by external devices, issue purchase vouchers, issuing monthly reports among many other functions.



This is the device that interprets the information encoded in a bar code and transforms it into information the computer can process.


Receipt Printer

It is one of the essential components for a point of sale, is in charge of issuing sales receipts, voucher and reports as are court case and more.


Touch -Screen Monitor

It is a device that allows the user to visually interact with the computer and software in real time, following processes to complete a sale or enter information into the system. The Touch Screen Monitors facilitate the use of a point of sale to replace the traditional mouse or “Mouse” of direct -sensitive computer screen. If you need a Touch screen Monitor choose between different brands that offer leading manufacturer Elo, 3M and Gvision.


Magnetic Stripe Readers

Magnetic stripe cards are used today by banks, department stores, clubs and more. This kit is used to convert the information encoded in the magnetic stripe and so transform it into useful information for the system and affect a common database to deduct the purchase amount in a supermarket, add funds to cards, among other applications more.


CPU Cabinet

Is one of the core parts because this is integrated in the operating system and the POS system used in sales? It is composed of the motherboard, hard drive, memory, CD drive, optionally some other accessories such as network cards, etc.


Point of Sale System Figures Assembled

Are those in which the client preferred weapon to full features of the same? You can use a regular computer to do the function of adding further point of sale, cash drawer, scanner, magnetic card reader and some cases according to customer needs Touch Screen monitor. Represents a customer advantage acquiring these types of point of sale as the cost is lower but its major drawback is the large space it occupies.





How to Protect Against House Fires

The electrical cables must not pass over radiators or pipes. Do not touch electrical appliances when you find one in the tub, standing on a wet floor (like laundry) or with wet hands. Electrical cables must not run in the swing of the doors or under the carpets, as the constant opening and closing of the first and the second walk on, will damage the insulating material. As we were looking for fire extinguishers Nevada we learned of the importance of proper insulating material and other useful tips to protect again house fires. We also learned how new home technology has increase the amount of fire protection offered dramatically.

Electrical equipment should be placed in appropriate contacts. There are fake plugs that can be placed in electrical outlets, but should not be used to prevent children’s curiosity and crawling babies. These plugs do not disconnect by pulling the cord from the socket. An electric iron should never be connected, even for a single moment, without being duly observed. Lamps, electrical appliances, extension cords and wires cores must bear a label stating they were inspected by authorities.

Desert Hills Home Tour - 03/14/2008

The wires with the insulation worn or cracked should be renewed. Some causes of this attrition are rubbing against sharp edges of furniture or when wires twist and tug. Repairs or placement of electrical wires in the home require the attention of specialists in it, not a job that any amateur can do. They cleaned all debris that may have accumulated in basements, closets, garages, attics or storage elsewhere.

In addition to being alert to the dangers of electricity, the whole family must form the habit of controlling risks such as representing fire. This should include the following:

  • Ensure that cigarette butts have been well off, empty the ashtrays regularly and do not smoke in bed or when you’re too tired. Cigarettes and matches are one of the first things to cause fires.
  • Always leave the matches out of the reach of children.
  • Remove all fuel soaked rags that are in the corner of a closet or garage.
  • Do not leave garbage or trash in places near a boiler or heater.
  • Store flammable liquids (gasoline, oil, paint, etc..) Preferably on the outside of the house, away from flames or hot something because its gases are often flammable.
  • All items easily combustible (paper, cloth, leaves and firewood should be stored away from heat and ignition sources (such as heaters, fireplaces, furnaces, stoves and electrical equipment).
  • Electric appliances, such as irons, which retain heat even if they have been disconnected, shall be handled and stored with special care. torches, welders and other similar items must be stored on nonflammable shelves, and it is essential to have a good fire extinguisher near such tools if there is a ignition control.
  • Any fire that is lit with a certain purpose should be kept away from buildings or into suitable containers.
  • Children should learn early that must be prudently away from space heaters and fire.
  • Adults should set an example in this and protect themselves, avoiding direct contact with the heaters and fire whenever possible.
  • It is advisable that the houses have proper equipment to fight the fire, as fire extinguishers, several hoses in strategic places, if it possible, also first-aid material.

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Fireproofing Your Home

Since the heat and fire are essential in everyday life to heat the house, cooking, and entertaining, special attention should be given daily to the risks involved in the use of fire. Among the most dangerous and important elements to be taken into account include: equipment and defective electrical wiring, smoking habits and the misuse of the matches, the operation of the heating equipment, proper maintenance of the stoves oil, the spontaneous ignition of garbage, the inappropriate use of flammable liquids, hot ash and putting fuel in places close to the heaters. We saw first hand the danger of hot ash and heaters when looking for fire extinguisher products Las Vegas, we were shown how dangerous it can be. We were also taught how the extinguisher and home improvement technology has grown immensely allowing for a dramatic decrease in the amount of fire deaths per year.

Southern Home

The fires in electrical installations may be the result of an overloaded circuits, faulty wiring, poorly insulated material, defective switches and the misuse of electrical appliances. Besides causing burns and start fires, electricity is not managed properly can cause concussions and even death as a result of strong discharges of electrical installation. In older homes the installation should be checked as the modern electrical demand greater current load. Overloading a circuit can cause it to overheat, which is often the result of using it for too many lamps, motors or other items. The heat that is produced by this overload may cause a fire. Even when the current is not excessive, there may be dangerous heat that may cause a spark, or sometimes because the electrical connections are loose or poorly made. The fuse is considered safer the circuit breaker. Use a coin instead of a fuse or fuses is a common and very dangerous habit.


To dramatize the danger that can represent a careless attitude towards electricity at home, here’s an example: A three year old girl was left alone for a few minutes at the dinner table and introduced a fork in the toaster to remove a slice; she placed  her other hand on the counter – which was wet on the outside of the toaster (metal and thus excellent electrical conductor), shortly after they found the small girl completely unconscious because of burns and electric shock and, despite having been attended to immediately, her life could not save saved. Such misfortunes can be avoided if parents take into account better safety measures for their children and homes.

Photo Credit: The Well Tempered Theodore